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Sweet Young Anders Widow

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Hey, Ho, there she goes, 
down to sit 'neath the old willow. 
There to sing, and there to sew, 
Sweet young Anders Widow. 

Never was a maid who kept house yet, 
who'd woo the beast or tame the mule.
I'd be the luckiest man in town
if she'd only accept this fool.  


I feel no strain and I'm light of heart, 
when I hear her voice cross Tully's Land
I'd prefer the field work to the hearth
to hear her sing the Old Fell Band.  


Come Sunday morn in Heilig Town, 
she'll bring her mending to the square, 
and I will ask her for her hand
and hope that she'll accept me there. 


Documentation / Explanation (Razo): 

I was writing a children's novel (as you do) in AS 49, when my laptop broke. It would be 3 months before I learned that nothing of it could be salvaged and I'd need to get a new laptop and start over. In that time, I took the drawing of the island Kingdom's map I had created and started at one end of the island and worked my way through each town, village, city, and port, writing up mini histories, stories, legends, tavern songs, children's songs etc... I got about 2/5th across the map by the time I got a new laptop and started tried to start the story again. 

This is a song I wrote for Anders Field, a farming village in the Duchy of Tullent's.