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SCA Name: 
Juliana Laverick
An Tir
About (Vida): 

Her Ladyship Juliana Laverick lives in the Barony of Seagirt, Principality of Tir Righ, Kingdom of An Tir. She has been in the SCA since AS 45, and an active performer from day one. She has been hosting a weekly bardic circle at her home for years, and invites anyone to come join in. She has been Skald of Tir Righ, AS 50, and has dedicated her passion to the musical, performing, and story telling arts of the SCA. Her persona lives in France, 1225, and she loves researching Trobairitz chansons, Breton Lais, prose, and instrumental pieces from that time. Her interests also span Scadian, Filk, Folk, Period, and Tradition music. She is always happy to talk about new songs, stories, and performance arts. 

Once a month she runs "Known World Virtual Bardic" and invites bards, performers, musicians, minstrels, troubadours, and anyone who shares this passion to a Virtual conference to teach, share, inspire, listen and enjoy meeting bards from around the Known World. To learn more visit the SCA Virtual Bardic Campfire on FB.